1st Step

Visit our landing page at:

On the home page there will be a field for you to enter your email, as shown in the image below:

2st Step

After fill your email, click on the button experimente agora.

Then you have to fill in a series of fields to set up your event. After completing each step, just click “avançar” to continue


First stage : You must fill the event's name




Second stage : The location, should be marked, if it's not online. If it's online, just check the option below the field.




Third stage : Now it's important define a date for your event. Just fill the fields indicated




Fourth stage : Nesta etapa, você deve escolher o seu plano. Caso você não saiba os benefícios de cada plano, acesse  for more informations




Fifth stage : Define your event's category




Sixth stage : To finish setting up your platform, just set your website name and password to access your administration panel.



Seventh stage : Your platform is ready to use! Now, just click on “acessar painel”.


You will be redirect to this page, in your admin panel 


Ready! Your platform is now ready and configured to make your event a success 🙂


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